25 Things That Make Me Feel Old

I’m going to be 28 in a few months. There’s no more hiding the fact that I’m going to be in my late twenties. I don’t think it’s particularly old, but I’m starting to feel like I’m in a different stage of my life. Like real adulthood has finally started to make it’s appearance. It’s weird.

I’m not as young as I once was, and the worst part? I’m really ok with it (most of the time).

1. I am cold all the damn time. Even when it’s not cold. I drink hot water with lemon instead of cold water because it makes me feel warmer. I put a blanket over my legs when I sit on the couch. I wear thick socks in bed.

2. I wear night cream and I SWEAR I notice the difference.

3. I’m more excited to walk through home stores than clothing stores. And don’t even get me started on kitchen stores (pans! pretty plates! look at all those coffee makers!!) I even have an interior design board on Pinterest.

4. I understand the joys of one beer at the end of a long day. ONE?

5. I am sore after almost every workout.

6. I have achey knees in the morning or when it’s been cold. I make noises when I stand up. My joints get stiff if I sit for too long.

7. I actually count how many glasses of water I’ve had a day because waking up dehydrated feels like waking up with a mighty hangover.

8. I get up when the alarm goes off the first time.

9. The idea of leaving the house without make-up literally makes me want to vom. Gone are the days of dewy, even skin. Foundation, mascara and lipstick are a must.

10. When I try clothes on from stores I used to love I hear myself saying, “no, it’s just too young for me”.

11. I get annoyed when I have to call some company’s customer service and I can’t speak to a freaking human being.

12. I still can’t figure out how to use Snapchat.

13. I actually have to schedule phone calls to friends, date nights and relax time because wtf when did we all get so damn busy?

14. I go to bed early and don’t feel guilty about it.

15. When I see 18 year olds I no longer think we’re around the same age.

16. I eat well not because I want to lose weight (ok, vanity is still a minor factor), but because I want to FEEL good.

17. Not being carded for alcohol. That one still hurts. I DON’T EVEN LOOK UNDER 25?!

18. I relate far more to people who are 30 than I do to people who are 20 (eek! probs because I’m so damn close to 30).

19. I do that thing where I tell a story and say “last year” only to realize that actually it’s been more like three or four years since that happened.

20. When people ask me how old I am I have to think about it for a second too long.

21. I cut all my hair off and I don’t even miss it (most of the time).

22. I’ve stopped wearing bronzer as an all over powder. Turns out that’s not actually a good look.

23. I wear 30+ SPF and a hat and walk in the shade when it’s too hot. On my most recent beach holiday I only spent one day sitting on the beach. I avoid the peak sun hours and prefer to swim once the sun started to set.

24. I actually like babies. Not enough to actually want one because I like my things without baby vom on them and I like my sleep too much for that shit, but they are really damn cute aren’t they?

25. For the first time in my life I’m actually thinking about my future, about my “career path” and making decisions based on how it’s going to affect my brand. The me of three years ago would have scoffed at such pomposity!

What makes you feel old?

Laura Bronner


  1. That’s a very impressive list.
    Kind of like me in a lot of cases.
    Only I look at old people and ask myself
    Are they my age?

  2. I love your list, and I’m loving your blog! Haha #19. “I do that thing where I tell a story and say ‘last year’ only to realize that actually it’s been more like three or four years since that happened.” I do this all the freaking time!

  3. Ugh to sooo many of these. Especially the water thing! I feel like I’ve turned into my mother, always reminding myself to drink more water.

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