Before you arrive: How to ensure your flight is stress-free

Flying can be stressful. Whether you’re a regular at the airport or take few flights, getting there on time, remembering everything you need and passing through departures without a hitch is just the beginning of your journey. To arrive at your destination feeling ready for what awaits you, you’ve got to have a stress-free flight.

Luckily, there are some simple ways of ensuring you don’t get worked up on a flight – no matter how long it is. The world’s longest non-stop flight route covers 15127.83km and takes 14 and a half hours (Delhi to San Francisco) – we hope these top tips could even help you relax on this trip:

1. Check in and select your seat online

Nowadays, airlines want to make things easier for you. You can save hassle by checking in online most of the time. Typically, you can do this up to 24 hours before your flight is due to depart. And if you go online early, you might be able to secure a better seat. Not only will you avoid queuing loads, but your legs will thank you for the extra room.

2. Read the small print

The last thing you want is to arrive and your bags be over the weight limit. Most airlines charge a ridiculous amount for heavy luggage and it will cause you last-minute stress. Check the limits for checked-in bags and hand luggage and be sure to weigh yours to confirm they’re under.


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3. Pack well

Not only should your bags be within the weight limits, but they should contain the right things. Depending on your end location, you might want to add some different clothes to your hand luggage that you can change into on arrival. Books, face wipes, ear plugs, a travel pillow and money will also make your flight more comfortable.

4. Have your transport sorted the other end

Rather than stress about how you’re getting to your destination once you land, pre-book your transport. Whether you’re traveling by train, bus or taxi, do your research and find out where to go after the flight is over. Knowing all these details are sorted ahead of time might even help you drift off while in the air.

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5. Be careful how much you drink

Having a drink on the flight is fine. But low air pressure when flying effectively thins the blood, meaning the effects of alcohol can be stronger. You don’t want to end up embarrassing yourself, nor do you want to make the jet lag worse, so just stick to a few.

6. Upgrade with points

Finally, it’s worth checking your flyer points. Built up by shopping with a credit card, you could end up being able to treat yourself to an upgrade to business or first class. What better way to reduce the stress of flying?

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Do you fly regularly? Share your tips for having a great flight with me!


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