Navigate Europe in Style: Best Shoes for Summer 2017

Ahh summer, is there really a better time to pack your bags and embark on that long awaited European adventure?

No, there isn’t!

Summer is one of the most popular and most pleasant times to visit the cities of Europe. As the sun shines and the temperatures rise, these old world beauties come alive!

The best way to taking in the sights, sounds and smells is on foot; and, nothing ruins a day of travel more than sore and aching feet.

Whether you’re browsing a museum, navigating the cobblestones, or simply making your way to the beach, the last thing you want to be thinking about is how much your feet hurt.

To help you make the most of your trip, we’ve rounded up the options to keep you and your feet feeling great. Here are the best shoes, flats and sandals to slip, slide and strap into to guarantee a summer of style AND comfort. 


If you’re looking for a casual, comfortable walking sneaker that looks good with pants, skirts, dresses, rompers, then look no further: converse sneakers are the choice for you!

These iconic shoes are perfect for a day of exploring, offering ample support on cobblestone streets. The breathable fabric makes them a great choice for hot climates, but also offers enough protection to avoid chilly feet on those cooler night or if you find yourself battling colder temperatures.

Converse sneakers are a great choice for anyone looking to express a little bit of flare with their footwear. These classics come in myriad of styles, colours and patterns, so you’re bound to find the perfect shoe just for you!

Key points:

  • Perfect for strolling.
  • Good for hot or cool climates.
  • Look great with pants, skirts, dresses, you name it!


Birkenstock sandals are the ideal travel shoe, once you’ve broken them in. I will be honest, those first few wears aren’t the most comfortable, but the more you wear them the more the cork moulds to your foot, ensuring the proper support where you need it.

The thick cork sole makes navigating any terrain – from cobblestones to rocky paths to sand – a breeze; you’ll feel perfectly supported in your Birkenstocks, no matter what the activity.

Although some shoppers might be turned off by the hefty price tag, Birkenstocks are worth it! Take my word for it, I’ve been rocking my black Gizeh sandals for years, and I don’t plan on retiring them anytime soon.

Birkenstocks come in myriad of style, materials, colours and patterns, perfect for expressing yourself though your feet.

Key points:

  • Comfortable, once broken in.
  • Perfect for walking in town, strolling on the beach, or riding bikes.
  • Range of colours, styles, patterns.

Crocs Ballet Flats

Hear me out on this one! I know Crocs are not the most attractive shoe, but Crocs flats must be considered in a category of their own.

When I bought mine two years ago I was mortified; I couldn’t believe I was actually going to become one of *those* people. But after testing them out on the streets and hills of Porto, Portugal, I was a changed woman.

Crocs Ballet Flats offer all the same cushioning as the originals, just in a nicer packaging. They mould to your feet, cushioning and supporting your soles where you need them.

Plus, they are the easiest shoes to clean. No need to pick up a new pair if your feet get a little wet, sticky or sweaty, simply run them under the tap and you’re good to go!

Key points:

  • Comfortable.
  • Cute.
  • Easy to clean.


Espadrilles are one of the most versatile shoes out there.

They’re made from natural fibres, so you know your feet will feel fresh no matter where you wander. They come in a variety of styles, colours, patterns and heel heights, so whether your plans include a day in the museum, or spending all night in the club, Espadrilles can take you there.

They are also perfect for packing, as they’re lightweight and squish down so they can be tucked into even the smallest nook or cranny in your suitcase or backpack.

Whether you prefer a sandal, flat or wedge style, Espadrilles are the perfect shoes to take you from Milan to Minsk this summer.

Key points:

  • Can be dressed up or down
  • Perfect for navigating cobblestone streets, no matter the height of the heel.
  • Breathable materials for those hot and sticky days.

When choosing the perfect shoe for your overseas summer adventures, style and comfort shouldn’t be mutually exclusive. By choosing one of these styles, you’ll not only look good but feel great as you explore Europe (and beyond!) this summer.


Kate Slean is a wanderluster, fashion fiend, and list-maker extraordinaire. Originally from Canada, Kate is currently based in Europe, traveling as much as possible. When she’s not exploring the world, Kate is on the hunt for the latest and greatest trends in petite fashion. At just 5’2″ Kate knows just how hard it can be to find the perfect fit, style, trend, and she wants to help others avoid the struggle. Kate enjoys writing about her everyday experiences of dressing as a petite, and the never-ending quest to find the perfect petite pencil skirt. You can stay up-to-date on all Kate’s adventures on her blog, Petite Adventures.

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