What to Wear in Europe in Summer

Spanning more than 10 million square kilometers and encompassing some 50 countries, Europe is the perfect playground for a summer of adventure and fun. From its cobblestone streets and cultural sites to its fabulous food and stunning beaches, there’s so much to see, do, and experience on the continent.

Whether you’re spending three months abroad or are simply visiting for a week or two, Collecting Labels has your guide to looking fashionable and fabulous, while staying comfortable, on your next European summer adventure. Read more about What to Wear in Europe in Summer

where to stop in stockholm

Where to Shop in Stockholm

Stockholm is the epi-center of Scandi-chic. The Swedish capital city is renowned for its fashionable residents who flawlessly combine high-end and high street labels, creating their signature minimalist looks. These are the places place to shop in Stockholm to fit right in.

Catering to its style-conscious population, Stockholm has become a shopper’s paradise in the last few years. Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift or a one-of-a-kind piece, there’s something for every shopper in Stockholm. From high streets to fabulous malls, here are the top six places to shop in Stockholm.  Read more about Where to Shop in Stockholm

What to Wear in Southern Europe in Winter

Winter is a magical season in Europe.

From Christmas markets to snow-covered mountains to beautifully lit cobblestone streets, there’s so much to see and experience throughout Europe in wintertime. And, with smaller crowds and cheaper prices, it’s the ideal time to visit.

While choosing to visit Europe in winter is a no brainer, packing for the trip can be challenge. Depending on where you visit, you’ll be dealing with a variety of weather conditions and temperatures: travel by the coast and you’ll experience warmer temperatures than if you stay inland; visit the mountains and you’ll most definitely need to prepare for colder temperatures than if you decide to island hop around Greece.

Regardless of where you travel, if you follow this guide you’ll be guaranteed to look great, stay warm and have an amazing time while exploring southern Europe in winter.

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Best Christmas Markets in Europe

One of the best things about the holiday season in Europe is Christmas Markets.

For several weeks each December, city centers across the continent transform into wonderful outdoor markets filled with unique gifts, sugary treat, savory eats and deliciously boozy beverages.

In Europe, we’re spoiled with some amazing options. From north to south, east to west, there isn’t a country without an unbelievably beautiful and festive Christmas market.

With so many Christmas Markets to choose from it can be hard to narrow down exactly which to visit. Well, lucky for you, I’ve taken on this tough job and today I’m sharing my top ten favorite Christmas markets. Read more about Best Christmas Markets in Europe

What to Wear In Northern Europe in Winter

Northern Europe is home to some of the continents most interesting and beautiful cities. While it’s amazing to explore in the summer, there’s something special about the North of Europe in wintertime.
But, dressing for winter in Northern Europe is no easy feat. The days are short, the nights are cold, and snow, rain and wind are the norm.

It can be quite the challenge to find pieces that will stand up to the elements while looking fabulous and chic. But, by following this guide, you’ll learn exactly what you need to wear in northern Europe to look great and stay warm on your next trip.

What to Wear in Northern Europe in Winter

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What to Wear in Lisbon in Autumn – Carry On Only!

In Autumn 2015, my boyfriend and I decided to take a break from our lives in Canada and go live in Madrid, Spain for a year while exploring other parts of the continent.

Our European adventure started off in Portugal. It was early-October and we were looking for a vacation destination that would let us cling to summer and ease into fall, and Lisbon did just that. Daytime temperatures rarely dipped below 20C and, other than one day where the skies opened upon us, we basked in glorious sunshine while we explore the city of seven hills.

It was perfect!

What made it even more perfect was that during our time in Lisbon, I was able to hone the ideal travel wardrobe, one that could conveniently fit in a piece of carry-on.

To ensure you have the perfect early-autumn getaway to Lisbon, pack these six pieces in your carry-on.  Read more about What to Wear in Lisbon in Autumn – Carry On Only!