What to Wear in Japan in Summer

Japan is a country unlike any other. It seamlessly combines ancient traditions and breathtaking landscapes with incredible modernity and eccentric fashion. From Hokkaido in the north or Kyushu in the south, each of Japan’s islands and regions offers visitors something unique to see, do, eat, and experience.

Visiting Japan in summer has both its perks and its challenges. On the one hand, you’ll experience brilliant sunshine, lush lands and gardens, and incredible sights, sounds and smells. On the other hand, you’ll have to contend with hot and high temperatures, the occasional torrential downpour, and intense humidity.

Packing for such extreme weather conditions can be a challenge. To ensure your trip to Japan is calm, cool, and comfortable, we’ve got you covered. From head to tow, here’s what to wear in Japan in summer.  Read more about What to Wear in Japan in Summer