Greetings From 39,000ft and What’s Next?

flying at sunset

Ok, obviously that’s not true because we’re flying budget and I’m totally not paying that extra fee for the on-board wifi. Also we don’t leave until 10pm which is a silly time to post a blog, so there’s that.

We leave for the UK tonight. We leave the USA after two months of visiting friends, spending time with family, eating out copious amounts, checking out new bars, enjoying happy hours and my mom’s Club W membership.

My belly is full, my mind is clear(er), my soppy little heart is brimming. There’s something indescribably rejuvenating to be around people that know you, people that tell it like it is because they know you can take it, people that you can reminisce with and laugh so hard until you cry with.

I’ve also done some serious work on this blog. I’m posting most days of the week, kicking ass on social media (go ahead and follow me here, here and here if you aren’t already) and really enjoying the whole rush of it all.

Needless to say, life has been pretty damn good. I’ve reconnected with people that I haven’t seen in YEARS, I saw some beautiful people get married, I wandered the streets of NYC like I really knew it for the first time, and my parents took Luke and I to my fave childhood spot. Did I mention that we ate A LOT of really dynamite food?

I’m sad to say goodbye, as I always am. There are so many people I should have seen more of, so many more things I wish I’d eaten, time that could have been better spent. But mostly, I’m happy. I’m happy with this visit home.

I’m ready for new scenery, ready for some change. I’m ready to revisit my favorite places in the UK, eat my favorite foods (hello Greggs, get in my belly), shop at my favorite stores (Primark, I’m coming for you). I’m really, really excited to buckle down at my laptop with a different view.

The plan is to spend two months there – spending time with Luke’s family, seeing friends and new babies and hopefully some new sights around the country.

Then? Who knows.

The future, all of 2016, is wide open. We’re looking for a new home, a new city, perhaps a new country, to call our own. We’ve got a few ideas on the back-burner, but mostly, we’re just going to go where the opportunities are, where we can live together, do what we love and be really freaking happy.

photo credit: floating in the fourth via photopin (license)

Laura Bronner


  1. So exciting! I miss the UK so much, can’t wait to be back for a visit next summer! Looking forward to your 2016 adventures!

  2. So exciting! I can’t wait to see where you end up next. I’ve been doing a lot of the same thinking myself 🙂

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