How to be a Fashionable Minimalist

I just counted everything in my closet and drawers. I have two pairs of jeans, one pair of overalls, six dresses, one jacket, four pairs of shoes, one skirt, two pairs of leggings and 10 shirts. Oh, and three pairs of tights. And obviously a few undergarments. I think I actually have more socks than any other single item.

That’s my entire closet.

How Did This Happen?

I used to be such a hoarder. I mean, I definitely still am, but I’ve learned to only hoard things that bring me actual joy (most of the time).

My closet used to be full of clothes that I never wore, dresses that hung up, wrinkled to the high heavens, never seeing the light of day. I would buy shoes without any real need for a new pair, and because of that, I hardly ever wore them.

Then I started moving more frequently. I was packing up all of my belongings into suitcases and I couldn’t take it all. Also, getting ridding of things proved to be pretty damn cathartic.

Try it, I dare ya. Get rid of some of the clothes you haven’t worn in over six months. The first few pieces will be paintful, but as you cleanse your closet, you’ll feel lighter and happier. You’ll be able to look at a closet full of pieces that you love.

In my most recent move to Mexico City, I had some serious decisions to make.

Granted, before I moved, I packed up winter coats, hats, scarves, wools skirts and sweaters and plopped them into my parent’s basement. That stuff is EXPENSIVE you guys, and I might live somewhere cold again, or in the very least, need it when I visit those silly family members who refuse to head south.

But my day-to-day wardrobe is incredibly simple now. I wear the same black leggings and denim shirt almost every working day. They’re comfortable and easy to throw on after a morning shower.

I know working from home means that my wardrobe doesn’t need things that people who say, work in an office require. I don’t need blazers or black pencil skirts (although IMO every woman should have one regardless of career path), I don’t need high heels or wool dresses. I have eliminated all of those things from my wardrobe because I simply don’t need them.

personal style from a minimalist wardrobe

What Happened When My Closet Had Less Stuff?

1. It became so much easier to make fashion choices. I only have one jacket in my closet, so when I need a jacket, I don’t have to think about which one to choose or what will go better with one of my two pairs of jeans.

2. My wardrobe is either loud patterns or completely neutral black, white, and brown. Matching everything is so much easier than when I had a closet full of patterns, textures, and colors.

3. I LOVE everything in my closet. There isn’t one piece of clothing I have that I wouldn’t choose to wear every day for the rest of my days. When I emptied my wardrobe earlier this year to nothing but a single, 50 pound suitcase, I could only bring what I truly loved and knew I would not want to leave behind. Everything fits in a way that makes me feel good about myself and I never get tired of the rotation because of that.

4. I buy less because I’m happier with what I have. When I DO buy something, I make sure that I love it as much as everything else in my closet, and I’m so happy to have something new because it’s become a sort of event to have new clothes.

5. It suddenly became so much easier to be a minimalist in other parts of my life. It was like emptying my closet was the ket to decluttering the rest of my life. You guys – seriously, having less stuff is LIBERATING.


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Jacket: c/o House of Petite

Sweater: Vintage from Mooch Vintage

Overalls: New Look Petite (on Asos)

Shoes: Trusty old Clarks

Laura Bronner

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