How to Look Chic on a Short Haul Flight

I like to think I love flying. Mostly because I love traveling. I love knowing that I’m heading off somewhere new and exciting and that this huge plane is going to take me there.

The reality is, from the moment I leave the house until the moment I get through security, I am riddled with anxiety. There’s a constant fear that I haven’t left myself enough time, that the train will be late, that the check in line will be too long, that I will forget to take that lipgloss out of my pocket before they scan my jacket (they never find the lipgloss).

If it were up to me I would leave the house about six hours before I was meant to fly. Luke thinks this is absurd and has little to no stress about missing flights or getting anywhere on time.

So you can imagine what I wear to the airport is not easily decided upon. I have written about what I wear on an overnight flight here, but planning for a short flight is totally different. I want to make sure I wear shoes that I don’t have to take off, that I’m comfortable, but still stylish for whoever we meet on the other side. It takes me a long time to decide on the perfect ensemble.

The flight from the UK to Ireland was a measly 50 minutes, so I dressed accordingly.

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house of petite jacket

what to wear when you fly

what to wear to the airport

Distressed Denim

I’m obsessed with these DIY distressed jeans. I was struggling to find a good pair that I really liked, so I made them out of an aging pair I had in my closet. They were already slightly distressed, but I took to them with a pair of scissors and a razor and think they came out pretty well. Jeans are my go-to bottoms for flying because they’re comfortable, they go with everything, and they’re usually the heaviest pair of pants I’ve packed, so are best out of the suitcase anyway.


I’m struggling to get in on the whole fashion sneaker trend. It’s not that I don’t like them, it’s just that I prefer a flat or brogue. I just feel more polished with a pair of leather shoes than I do with a pair of Converse that I’m no doubt going to get dirty in the first 10 minutes of wearing them. These Clarks brogues are the most worn shoes in my shoedrobe and I will basically wear them with anything.

Long Sleeve Shirt

Is it just me or are planes downright freezing? I used to get hot on planes, but now I’m always cold. I love this shirt from SheIn because it’s girly and sexy at the same time. It’s quite shear, so super breathable in case it does get a little bit warm. I also love the detail at the bottom and around the neck. I think it makes the whole outfit so much more interesting.

Oversized Jacket

This parka jacket from House of Petite is utter perfection. It’s made for petites, so is the perfect “long” length for me. It fits perfectly through the shoulders and bust, but allows me to eat all the airport food and drink all the airport drinks while covering up my bloated belly. I’ll never look at trench coats the same way, this is the only style for me.

Other Flying Tips?

Buy water. Buy all the water. Bring snacks or sandwiches with you because the ones at the airport are always SO salty. Also, use these travel hacks to pack your carry-on. Mostly though, enjoy your trip.

What do you wear for a short flight? Does flying stress you out too?

Laura Bronner

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