New York City’s Top Boutique Stays

New York City

Growing up in the suburbs of New York City, I was lucky enough to call the Big Apple my playground. As a kid, my parents would take my brothers and I into the city for Broadway shows, birthday dinners, Christmas shopping, and any other excuse my mom could make up. As I got older it continued to be a place I came back to, whether it was summers spent at home during college or catch-ups with old friends.

Now that I don’t live there anymore, visiting New York has become a total treat. It also means I finally get to find some chic hotels and actually spend the night. I don’t have to race back to Grand Central to catch the last train to the ‘burbs anymore. I’m a big girl now and I can splurge on a few nights in the city.

The trouble comes with trying to decide where to stay. New York is a huge city with top restaurants, cute cafes, diners, and bakeries, and the choices are no fewer for boutique hotels. I’ve narrowed it down to the top five New York hotels that I’ll be working my way through on the next few visits to my favorite city.


New York City

Dream Downtown

It’s all in the name. Dream Downtown is right in the mix of my favorite neighborhoods – the Meatpacking District and Chelsea. It’s right next to the ever popular rooftop park, The High Line, but I probably wouldn’t want to leave the room in the first place. Included are porthole windows, plush beds, and a pool with an actual sand beach. The lobby looks like a fancy British pub (obviously, I’m in love).

Amsterdam Court Hotel

The Amsterdam Court Hotel is much more in line with my price and it’s perfectly located in Midtown for top tourist attraction viewing – ideal for when I come with Luke. Every room has a city view, great for Instagramming, and there’s a rooftop area perfect for taking in the city and a bit of summer sun. I would definitely consider this one for its price and location.

Park Lane Hotel

Park Lane Hotel feels like the old New York – views over Central Park, antique furniture, huge rooms with big plush beds. It’s the sort of place that would make you feel like a Park Avenue princess and I’m totally down with that. I think it’s the perfect place to stay when coming to the city with some girlfriends. Shop all day and crash in luxury by night.

Bentley Hotel

The Bentley Hotel is really reasonably priced considering it’s in the center of New York and is superbly chic and modern. I love that the rooms are full of natural light from the windows overlooking the city. The rooftop restaurant and bar is a place I want to finish my evenings in New York with, which you can definitely do considering how much you’ll save staying here.

Hotel Belleclaire

Staying at Hotel Belleclaire will make you feel like a local. The hotel blends in with the surrounding Upper West Side brownstones. It’s the best place to be at for visiting Central Park and the Museum of Natural History. I’ll have to stay at this one next time Luke and I head to New York because I keep promising to take him there!

Which hotel would you stay in? 

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