10 of My Absolute Favorite Stylish Travellers

We’ve all been there – packing a bag full of new clothes for a trip away, clothes you’ve been assured are exactly what you need for said destination, only to look back at photos and wonder why the hell you dressed like that in the first place.

I learned quickly (unfortunately not quick enough), that regardless of where I’m going, I need to dress in a way that makes me feel like me, or better, the sassier, holiday version of me.

Whenever I start planning a new trip, like this one for instance, I find myself gravitating to these stylish travellers and seeking inspiration. They refuse to dress like tourists, they don’t even consider those zip off cargo pants, yet they all manage to find the perfect mix of comfort, style and respect for the country they’re visiting.

1. This Battered Suitcase

best stylish travel bloggers


Brenna is the queen of stylish travel. She is a big advocate for shopping on destination and prefers to pick up pieces along her travels. She rocked a full arm of bracelets and chandelier earrings through South East Asia and proves that makeup, especially a bold lip, can be done anywhere.

2. Queenbeady

stylish travel bloggers


Bee, forever the style goddess, doesn’t shirk her title when she heads on vacation. Great knits, skinny jeans, cute dresses and tops. Girl knows how to pack.

3. Hannah Gale

fashionable travel bloggers


You have to look up to a girl who packs dresses for Trek America. Hannah’s outfit diary from Switzerland makes me want to go to Switzerland and also buy a faux fur coat. I can’t even imagine how big her suitcase must be, but it’s full of everything you might need to go from sightseeing to red carpet chic.

4. Hippie in Heels

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Rachel has perfected the beach style. She’s got cute flowing floral dresses, great accessories and she rocks a crop top. I constantly scroll her Instagram feed and blog photos for my holiday style inspiration.

5. C’est Christine

stylish travellers


Besides coveting her colorful bathing suit collection, I love that Christine always manages to look sophisticated wherever she goes. Her pieces are elegant and in posts from her recent trip to South Africa I couldn’t help but start shopping for my own patterned midi-skirts.

6. Sophie Cliff

stylish travellers


Sophie’s recent posts about her trip to Oslo had me staring at her blog for hours on end. Her photos are incredible, but HER HAIR you guys. HOW? It’s perfection even at the end of the day. What kind of hairspray is that? Her winter wardrobe has given me some serious inspiration for my upcoming Denmark trip.

7. Paper Planes

Stylish travel blogger


An expat in Chang Mai, Thailand, Alana’s blog is a mixture of life as an expat, staying stylish while traveling, yoga adventures and her trips in between it all. She’s an excellent writer in addition to being one seriously stylish blogger.

8. Full of Beans (and Sausages)

stylish expat and blogger


Holly is an English expat in Canada and her blog is one of my all-time favorites. It’s about travel, life as an expat in all it’s glory (and sometimes not) and general struggles of daily life. She’s funny and honest and incredibly stylish (and she’s also seriously good at knitting).

9. Ashley Abroad

stylish travel bloggers


I’ve been following Ashley’s blog since way back when she lived in Paris. Now she’s a high flyer in Colorado and spends her holiday time looking hipster in Seattle and glamorous in Nicaragua. Maybe it comes from watching the effortless chic French women while she was living there, either way, Ashley knows how to travel in style.

10. Curiosity Travels

Stylish traveller and blogger


I love Jessica’s fashion-sense. She rocks colorful nail polish and bright scarves bright scarves and she layers like any good ex-Korean expat knows how. I particularly loved her outfits that she put together on her trip to Jordan last year.

So there you have it. Ten women – some who travel all year, some who travel once a year, and a whole lot in between. All of them manage to keep their own sense of individual style, yet blend it with their surroundings to put together some seriously inspirational fashion.

Laura Bronner


  1. Thank you so much for including me in this girl, it’s so nice to see that your posts are being read, but not just that, actually enjoyed!
    Bee | QueenBeady.com

  2. Love this list (and currently have a million tabs open to check out their sites)! And I especially love that Brenna tops the list, because she is #wardrobegoals.

  3. Nice collection. I just love traveling and exploring new places so these travelers help me in choosing the right place. Thanks for the list.

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