Pinterest for Fashion Bloggers: How to Drive Traffic Like a Pro

This Pinterest for Fashion Bloggers Guide is meant to help bloggers of all levels.  It doesn’t matter how much content you have, whether you’ve been blogging for years or are just starting out, a few great pins can aid in bringing you a whole heap of traffic.

As of March 2016, statistics show that 110 million people per month are using Pinterest. 71% of those people are women. Think about that reach. Think about how many of those women are looking at fashion, searching for style inspiration and advice. Don’t you think they might like what you have to say?

And what if they like what you have to say? Don’t you think they’ll stick around a little longer and see more of what you have to say? I think so, too.

In fact, I know so, because it happens to me everyday. My largest driver of traffic is Pinterest and once people arrive at my site, they spend an average of 4 minutes perusing about 3 pages on my site. Some look for more of what they came to find, others look at my about page, some end up somewhere completely different to where the started. Sometimes, they even sign up for my newsletter.

Pinterest can seem like a minefield when you first get started. How often should you pin? What sort of pins get the most repins? What boards should I have? How many boards should I have? The questions go on and on.

I hope this guide helps answer all of your Pinterest questions and if you follow these tips, I’m certain you’ll start seeing a huge improvement in your traffic.

Getting Started

Your Profile

Pinterest is a search engine, kind of like google. If you want people to find your profile, you’ll want to let people know exactly what you’re all about by inserting some keywords into your description. A good description tells the reader who you are, piques their interest, and includes a link with a call to action.

I like to stay consistent with my profile images over all my social media accounts. I use the same image for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest so that my loyal readers always know it’s me. It’s not entirely necessary, but a great, eye catching photo where people can clearly see you is.

pinterest for fashion bloggers

Your Images

Vertical images, or “portrait-orientated” images always do best on Pinterest. Landscape orientated images are incredibly small once uploaded and do not catch the attention of someone scrolling the way a long image does.

Pinterest is a visual site. The better your images, the more likely they are to be shared and clicked. Only use the highest quality images, be sure they are colorful and eye catching.

Some Pinterest gurus swear by stats (which I’ve never been able to find), that images without a face tend to do better than those where you are looking straight at the camera. While those work best for you blog, on Pinterest people tend not to click as often if they feel like they’re being “stared at”.

Make sure you ALWAYS add a description to your images. Remember, this is a search engine and people will be much more likely to find your pins if you add keywords to your image descriptions.

Adding Word Overlays

Fashion pins seem to do best WITHOUT words on them. Simple images of an outfit are repined much more often than say, the same image with the post title scrawled across it. While you might be more likely to click on a post for your travel plans when you know exactly what it is, when it comes to fashion, women want to see an unobstructed view of the look before they click.

That being said, using word overlays for how-to posts or over images that aren’t of a model (ie, you), are a great way to catch people’s attention as they scroll down. Play around with both and see what results you get. A great site to help create nice long images out of your pictures of all shapes is Canva. It’s incredibly easy to use and you can add text and image overlays.

Adding text is also a great way to add your brand. Whether it’s just a small mention at the base of the image or you incorporate it into the title, adding your blog name to the pin will give you recognition every time it gets repinned.

pinterest for fashion bloggers

What Boards to Have and How Many

This can be tricky. You want people to know you’re a fashion blog, but you don’t want to have ONLY fashion boards. I have one board that I only pin my blog posts in. I have a board for each season, one for special occasions, workwear, denim and for celebrity style inspiration. But I also have a travel board, a food board and a home decor board. Although I don’t blog about any of those things, by pinning things from other people onto those boards, I open myself up for more exposure and a wider audience of people on Pinterest.

As for number of boards, it’s really up to you. I’ve seen successful profiles with 10 and some with 70. At the moment, I have 23.

Pin Regularly

Pin daily, every few hours. If you want to schedule pins, Tailwind is a great program that allows you to do so. It will give you times when people are most likely to see the pins as well. The more active you are, the more Pinterest rewards you (but don’t be spammy, nobody wants to follow the person who pins every few minutes).

Join Group Boards

Group boards are a great way to make sure that your pins are being seen by more eyes even if you don’t have many followers. You can find a list of group boards here. All you have to do is follow the group and contact the creator to ask about becoming a contributor.

*Beware* not all group boards are created equal. Just because the group has 30K followers doesn’t mean all those people are seeing the pins. The best way to find out the quality of a board is to scan the pins and see how many times they have been repinned. If most have only been repinned once or not at all, don’t waste your time.

Pin Other People’s Content

Don’t just pin your own content, pin other people’s too. If someone likes that person’s board, Pinterest may then recommend that person like yours too, since you have pinned some of their pins. It’s a great way to get more views, but it’s also important to have a diverse set of pins. Nobody wants to follow just pictures of you!

Clean Out Your Boards Once in a While

Every few weeks, go back through your boards. Have pins that haven’t been repinned at all? Delete them. Pinterest will only show your pins if you are sharing content that people like. If no one is liking your content, Pinterest will stop showing people you pins, even people who are already your followers.

Follow and Comment on Other People’s Pins

Follow popular fashion sites on Pinterest and comment on some of their very popular pins. It will give you more exposure. Following other bloggers is a great source of inspiration too. Here’s a list of some fashion and lifestyle bloggers that are killing it on Pinterest:

Cupcakes and Cashmere

Simple and Chic


Song of Style

Sylvia Haghjoo

On Your Blog

Add a Pin It Button

Make it easy for people to repin your images directly from your site. I use the WordPress plugin Pinterest “Pin it” Button, but there are so many out there. You can either allow people to pin individual images when they hover over them or have a pin it button at the bottom of the post which will allow them to post any of the images from the post. Or even better, have both!

Another thing I love to do is to make a Pinterest image and place it at the bottom of my post. I tell people that if they enjoyed the post, to Pin it!

Save Your Images with Descriptive Titles

You should be doing this anyway for your SEO, but it’s also important for Pinterest. When you upload your image to your blog, give it a descriptive title. This is exactly what Pinterest is going to pull as the description when people pin directly from your site.

Getting Technical

Converting to Business Account

If you’re going to use your account to send traffic to your blog, you should convert your account to a business account. It doesn’t cost anything and it tells Pinterest that you aren’t just using it for fun.

Rich Pins

Once you’ve done that, you can apply for rich pins. This is one of the best ways to catch people’s attention as they scroll past hundreds of Pinterest images. Rich Pins show the reader the title of the post beneath the image as well as the description. If you don’t have rich pins and you don’t have text overlay on your images, people often won’t click to read more.

Pinterest for travel bloggers

Affiliate Links

This has only recently come back on the table. When Pinterest first came out bloggers and influencers were able to pin images and link to affiliate pages. So for instance you have a picture of yourself wearing a shirt from Asos. Instead of sending people to your blog, you send them to a page where they can purchase that shirt through your affiliate link. Then for a while, Pinterest banned it.

Well, now it’s back. Who knows for how long. The great thing about Pinterest is that pins can last for a long time. Unlike Twitter or Instagram where your image falls further down the pecking order as time passes, people can find your pins on their feed months after you originally pinned it. This is great for driving traffic to your site and for increasing your affiliate income.

Types of Fashion Posts That Are Most Popular

  • Flatlays – Those pretty shots from above of clothes, computers, pretty coffee cups and your feet on a tile floor? People love them. I’ve seen some flatlays repinned THOUSANDS of times. Cray.
  • Infographics – Infographics of all kinds do really well on Pinterest. If you can sum up your post in a long, highly visual pin, people will be more likely to share it and click on it.
  • Packing Lists – Packing lists and style diaries for a specific place do really well. Just come back from Bangkok, Paris, or San Tropez? These types of pins have a lot of longevity on Pinterest.
  • How to Wear X Style – Have a post that tells people how to style their converse or wear a patterned shirt? Pin a vertical image with a Rich Pin title beneath it for maximum exposure.

guide to pinterest for fashion bloggers

There you have it. All I know about driving traffic to your Fashion blog with Pinterest. If you have any questions feel free to drop them in the comments or send me an email directly – I’d love to help more!

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