Prague Souvenirs: What to Buy and Where to Buy Them

Prague is one of the most popular cities in Central Europe. Famous for its stunning architecture and rich history, delicious beer and iconic sites, the Czech capital city has a lot to offer its visitors.

After making the most of your time exploring Prague, why not take a little piece of the city home with you. With a myriad of shops selling everything from mass-produced magnets to one-of-a-kind crafts, it can be hard to know where to start your souvenir search.

To help you find the perfect memento, we’ve assembled a guide to some of the most interesting and unique Prague souvenirs you can buy and where you can buy them.

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What Prague Souvenirs To Buy


Garnet is a semi-precious red stone popular throughout the Czech Republic. With a long history as a royal gem, garnets were once believed to help the wearer overcome sorrow and bring vital power, spirit and the feeling of joy.

Today, garnets are popular thanks to their stunning and fiery red color and light refraction. With more than 3,500 designs available, finding a pendant, pair of earring, bracelet or even an adorned pen that you fancy within your budget won’t be a problem.

To ensure you’re not buying a fake gem, visit Oldriska, a factory outlet of the original producers from Turnov and ask for a certificate of authenticity.

Czech Wafers

If you’re looking for a delicious souvenir to try on your visit to Prague, look no further than the Czech wafer. Czech wafers are very thin cookie the size of a vinyl disk, often covered with a delicious mixture of nuts, vanilla, cinnamon, and sugar. Since they were first introduced in the mid-19th century, the look and taste of the wafer have barely changed.

Czech wafers are the perfect snack to nibble on as you explore the city. Enjoy a fresh wafer from a street vendor, or pick up a book at a local grocery store and snack on these delicious Prague souvenirs long after you’ve gone home.

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There is a long and rich history of puppetry in the Czech Republic. Dates all the way back to the late 18th century, tropes used to travel throughout the country entertaining children in town squares with their marionettes. Today, The tradition continues as puppet masters line Prague’s many streets and bridges, entertaining passersby with their hand carved pieces of art.

Marionette shops can be found throughout Prague selling puppets of all themes and sizes. Visit the big open market near Charles Bridge or Galerie Marionette on Golden Lane to pick up your very own Prague marionette.


Czechs are incredibly passionate about beer. This light and golden beverage is cheap and plentiful throughout the capital.

Some of the best beer in the world is produced in the Czech Republic. To remember your time in Prague, pick up a couple bottles of the local brew. Or, buy a hand painted stein and enjoy future beers while reliving great travel memories.

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Beer Cosmetics

For an interesting twist on beer as a souvenir, pop by Manufaktura. This traditional Czech brand produces a line of premium cosmetics with beer as the main ingredient. The line uses all natural ingredients and features everything from shampoos and lotions to gels and bath salts.

These products will leave you feeling relaxed and happy, and won’t leave you smelling like the pub.

Where to Shop for Prague Souvenirs


Found in shopping centers throughout Prague, Manufaktura doesn’t sell your typical souvenirs. Instead, here you’ll find a wide selection of products including Czech cosmetics, traditional folk crafts, ornamental glass and handmade paper. Visit Manufaktura for unique, one-of-a-kind souvenirs you won’t find anywhere else.


More gallery than souvenir shop, Pragtique is a concept shop that offers unique, high-quality gifts with a Prague theme. Located off the beaten path in the atrium of Platýz, Pragtique showcases souvenirs made my local artists and craftsmen. From postcards to t-shirts, visit Pragtique for stunning souvenirs unlike anything you’ve seen before.

prague souvenirs

Parazit Fashion Store

Parazit Fashion Store, or Parazit, is one of the oldest fashion and design stores in Prague. Showcasing the work of younger Czech and Slovak designers, visit Parazit for a souvenir you can wear. From porcelain jewelry to t-shirt, visit Parazit for alternative Prague souvenirs.

Traditional Souvenirs

For more traditional souvenirs, stroll the thoroughfare between Prague’s Old Town and Charles Bridge. Along this route, you’ll find shops selling everything from Bohemian Crystal and soccer jerseys to I <3 Prague t-shirts and magnets. If you’re looking for mass-market memorabilia to complete your collection, this is the place to visit.

Souvenirs are a wonderful way to relive your travels long after they’ve ended. Pick up one of these Prague souvenirs and remember your most memorable moments every time you look at it.

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A guide to Prague Souvenirs - where to buy the best prague souvenirs and what souvenirs you should get while you're visiting!


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