Sunday Check-Up

I’m sitting here at my computer in the kitchen surrounded by all my favorite things: my camera, a cup of homemade frothy coffee and hard drives full of pictures from years past. I’ve got a killer Youtube Christmas playlist hummin’ along amongst a million other tabs open about how to use this freaking beautiful new mac (because holy crap who knew how truly different PCs and Macs really were?), about how to use different settings on my camera that I didn’t know existed, reviews on Adobe Lightroom

and this  35mm lens (because I can’t stop wondering whether or not I should buy one (or both) of these with my next paycheck).

The last two weeks have been a whirlwind, but I’m in that place that I always find myself when I change my scenery, when I’m in a new country or city, but have been there long enough to feel comfortable in my surroundings.

That’s how I feel whenever I come to the UK. It’s comfortable, I can get around relatively easily, everyone speaks the same language and I can read the signs and ask someone if I’m lost. Yet it’s all still new. It’s still so unexplored even in the city that I keep coming back to year after year.

Luke’s enrolled in a few different courses for coaching since we’ve been back. He’s off meeting people and making connections in the industry, going to seminars and speakers and coaching sessions.

It’s left me home and on my own a lot. Something I haven’t had in what seems like forever.

I kind of love it. Being alone with my thoughts, taking long peaceful walks just me and my camera. It’s given me time to devote to my work and myself (hence all the love for Youtube at the minute). I feel invigorated with it all. I feel creative and inspired more each day. More importantly, I feel happy and fulfilled.

I’ve just accepted a new ongoing role with a website where I’ll be writing AND working some social media magic, I’m working on different projects around the Internet, this little baby blog of mine is garnering more attention every damn day and I can’t believe that there are people who keep coming back to it (this babin’ girl even called me “stylish”- SAY WHAT).

I got up the other and and couldn’t wait to sit down at my laptop. I’m working more hours in a day than I ever would if I have a full-time job at an office (I’m working on the weekend ffs!), but I enjoy it so much. I’ve never liked ANY job I’ve ever had the way I love all of this. Sure it’s volatile, sure I’ve got to work my ass off to get jobs and sometimes it can take months to get payment for work I’ve done, but it’s all starting to happen and I kind of can’t believe I’ve done it.

So thanks to you all for your continued support. Thanks for coming along with me on this journey. It really means a lot.

Laura Bronner


  1. So so happy that you’re feeling fulfilled. I find that as a creative person, its so hard to find sustainable things that make us feel that way, so when you do, its extra amazing! Thanks for the shout-out too! 🙂

  2. I think that feeling in a new place you talk about is so wonderful – maybe addictive? It’s interesting how differently you view and feel about a place when you’re not from there – what I mean is, I grew up near Sheffield and I still struggle to see what other’s think is so great about it; probably like Luke! To me it’s just Sheffield.
    It’s great that you’re feeling fulfilled and doing what you enjoy for work – so liberating!

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