Ultimate Preparation Guide To Any Formal Event

Formal events like prom or social dinner parties require you to present yourself in the most fashionable way. To do so, you need to start preparing for the formal event weeks before, if not months. Selecting the right hairstyle, doing your hair right, choosing the right set of accessories and most importantly, choosing the right dress will play a vital role in setting up your appearance for the formal event.


When it comes to choosing the dress, you will have to be very careful. Gone are the days when women used to dress themselves up with conservative evening gowns that would cover them up. Over the last 100 years, formal gowns have gone through a lot of transformations. If you want to learn how women used to dress up in the early 1900s or during the retro years, check out this timeline:

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Unless it is a vintage-themed party and you are obligated to dress up in the retro styles, you would want to dress yourself with the most fashionable dress and accessories. While choosing the dress, you will have to:

  • Decide which style you want to follow or which celeb you want to emulate
  • Consider the shape of your body and then make a choice of the dress
  • Consider the shape of your face as well
  • Be ready to shell out a reasonable amount of money to get the dress with fine, precious fabrics

You would agree that the body shape plays an important role in making or breaking your appearance with the dress that you choose for yourself. If you have got a slim body, showing off your silhouette in a sheath-style dress may not be a very bad idea. If you are curvy, an A-line dress will suit your figure the best. You may want to check out sites like https://www.promdressshop.com/ where you will get variety of dressesĀ that would match your figure and give you the most appealing look when you show up at the formal event.

The color of the dress is important.

You will need to spend some time deciding on the color of the dress as well. Most common colors seen at formal events are black and white. If it is a prom night, red is the most commonly seen hue, which adds to the passion and sensuality of the woman. Black dresses look elegant and offer a pinch of mystery, and white dresses symbolize romanticism and purity. If you want to try something different than the conventional styles, you may try out dresses with eye-catching colors and prints. As long as you are able to carry yourself with confidence, and as long as your dress shakes hand with the shape of your body, you are good to go with the brightest color dresses.

You should plan and shop for the dress at least four to six weeks before the formal event. That will give you enough time for any alterations that might be required for the best fit. If you do not have all the time to shop around different stores and look at variety of formal dresses, you can try out online as well. Online stores will offer you a wide variety of dresses suited for proms or other formal events.


Once the dress is sorted, you would need to plan about your hair. To begin with, you would need to choose the right hairstyle that will match your dress. If you are wearing classic evening gowns, updos could give you a sophisticated and elegant appearance. If you want to put up a cute and little less formal appearance, you can opt for long loose curls. Check with your hair stylist and do value his opinion as well.

If you plan to dye your hair, it is wise that you should do that beforehand and not wait for the last day. If anything goes wrong while dyeing your hair or while getting a stylish cut to the hair, you will need time to make recovery attempts. You would definitely want yourself in a situation when a drastic change in the hair cannot be recovered owing to lack of time. Unlike what many people do, you should avoid getting any drastic change done to hair on the day of the formal event.


Getting the right make-up is as important as wearing the right dress. Poor make-up could ruin all your efforts and kill your appearance ruthlessly. You should plan for the makeup look well in advance and get necessary makeup items to practice beforehand. It is a smart thing to try putting on the makeup at least once before the day of the formal event. That way, you would know if the implementation matches the aspiration of getting the desired appearance.

While applying makeup, take special care that you do not overdo it. Unless you want to emulate Lady Gaga, you may want to stick to basic and subtle makeup that will highlight the features of your face and eyes and will give you a natural look. Smokey eyes may give you a touch of sensuality, but it should match with the overall getup of yours. Overdone makeup holds the potential to ruin your appearance and make you the laughing stock of the evening.

Accessories are the finishing blocks of your preparation. Get formal shoes that match your dress style. You need to be comfortable wearing them. It is again a nice idea to try the shoes at least once or twice before, so that you do not get those irritating shoe-bites upon your arrival at the formal event. Refrain yourself from carrying large vanity bags or purses. Try those small wallets or clutches which can be held easily putting up a stylish and graceful look.

While you prepare for the formal event, you should also be prepared for handling any emergency. To ensure that you do not face any wardrobe malfunction, you should check on the dress thoroughly before wearing it. Any loose strings here and there or any weak area on the straps or in the back side of the dress should get attention without fail. Be mentally prepared to handle any emergency like a broken heel or a wardrobe malfunction with confidence and that would do the damage control should there be a need to do so.

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