What to Wear in Ireland in Spring

Packing is hard, isn’t it? It’s probably my least favorite thing about traveling, after the flying bit, obviously.

I usually end up with the entire contents of my closet and drawers sprawled out around me in a semi-circle while I try to put together outfits for the days I’ll be away. Inevitably, I overpack and yet still don’t have enough clothes to keep me warm. How is this possible? You might be asking. I’m still not sure.

Every new trip is like a new challenge. Can I pack correctly this time? I swore these six days in Ireland would be different. I swore I would take exactly the right amount of outfits and they would all be warm enough for Spring in Ireland.

I checked the weather every day for a week leading up to our departure. I thought about jackets and sweaters and socks and got stressed about distressed denim and it’s ability to keep my knees warm. We were going for a wedding, so I had to leave room for wedding attire as well (if you’re going for a wedding, bring a shawl or cute jacket to stay warm).

In the end, I think I did well. Was it perfect? Nope. I only brought one bra and it was totally the wrong color for one of the shirts I brought making one of my outfits completely obsolete. BUT, I was warm. So winning for the most part.

Spring Weather in Ireland

This is the biggest thing to take into account when packing for your trip. Ireland is windy and wet in Spring. We were on the West Coast in Kerry for most of our trip and I knew there would be ferocious sea winds. To my surprise, it wasn’t freezing cold. It didn’t rain too much, either. It’s still good to be prepared for both, though.

What to Pack For Ireland in Spring

Okay, so here’s the lowdown. I packed one outfit for each day we were going to be there (six). I packed the same amount of underwear, one bra (should’ve packed two), and one pair of pajamas.


I brought a nice light jacket as well as a thick tweed blazer. I never wore them both at the same time, but both were really handy to have. I liked layering my sweater with my blazer and having the option to add my jacket in the evening when it got chilly. I recommend bringing something like a trench coat, jean jacket, or leather jacket. They’re not too heavy, but will keep you warm enough for the Irish Spring.


I brought two pairs of jeans – one I wore on the flight and one I packed. The pair I wore on the flight were super distressed with tons of rips. I knew it would be fine for the flight, but I worried about the weather and if the distressed denim would keep me warm enough. I also know that wearing the same pair of jeans for five days in a row really stretches them out, so I wanted to avoid that as much as possible.

what to wear in ireland in spring

Comfortable Shoes

I’ve talked about Clarks so much on this blog even I’m tired of hearing about it. But seriously, a cute and comfortable pair of brogues should feature in every girl’s wardrobe. Especially a wardrobe for a trip to Ireland. I wore them most days and found with jeans and no socks my feet were pretty happy. It wasn’t too cold and we did a lot of walking in Kerry and Cork, so I wanted to make sure I had cute and comfortable walking shoes.

If brogues aren’t your style, flats from Jcrew are super, duper comfortable and come in tons of cute colors. The Lea flats are my personal faves. I usually buy a new pair of this style every year (SO many great colors).


It was sunny and warm, it was windy and chilly, it was cloudy and rainy. This all happened within a few hours. The weather is a fickle character all the time in Ireland, but especially in Spring. I packed t-shirts, a cardigan, and a blazer which I wore along with a jacket. I was glad to have all the layers as well as the ability to shed them when the sun came out.

Waterproof Layers

Don’t even bother with an umbrella. That wind will whip that puppy inside out before you can even open it fully. I brought a waterproof jacket that I didn’t end up using, but I’m glad I had it just in case. I saw the windy rain from inside the pub supping a few rounds of Guinness, and it looked ferocious.

Here’s a little video of our time in Ireland in case you want to see more 🙂

Laura Bronner

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  1. Looks like a fun trip! My hubs and I are headed to Ireland and Northern Ireland the last week of March. Thinking through what clothing to take is definitely stressing me out. Just so I can get a handle on this, when in Spring to you make this trip for the wedding?
    Thanks, M

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