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What to Wear for a Winter Weekend in London

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Packing for a weekend away is even harder than packing for a long term trip. You force yourself to take a small bag because you don’t want to have to cart it around when you haven’t checked into your hotel (or in our case, our friend’s house). Also, it’s only going to be five days and two of those will be spent sitting on a bus or train. There simply isn’t any need to bring too much.

This meant that on Friday night our bedroom looked like some sort of vintage store bomb had exploded. There was a lot of, “does this go?” and “can I wear this with this?” going on. Eventually I managed to get a few outfits in my bag and to decide on a jacket and scarf and hat and one solitary pair of shoes (the horror) to take with me.

what to wear on a winter weekend in london

Leather Jacket

What’s with the weather? It’s winter, it’s not, it snows, it rains, it’s hot. I literally have no idea how to dress for winter this year. I checked the weather for London before we left and it promised to stay around 10-12 degrees celsius (about 50 degrees Fahrenheit). So I left my wool coat behind and opted for my Zara leather jacket that I bought before I met Luke, so probably not still in stores.

what to pack for a winter weekend in london


I’ve talked about these shoes ad nauseam. I love them. They are great for walking, which I knew we’d do a lot of while we were there. I’m happy to wear them during the day with jeans and they look just as good dressed up with a dress and tights for a few fancy things we did while we were down there. Clarks carries them year round.

What to wear on a winter weekend in London

Plaid Shirt, Sweater, & Patterned Shirt

I brought a plaid shirt that I got recently in Sheffield because I knew I’d be able to layer it with different tops. I wore it under a dress, with a pair of jeans and a sweater over the top, and then again with just jeans on our bus journey back on Wednesday.

Jeans, Skirt, & Pinafore

For bottoms I went with a pair of jeans for the bus ride each way, a grey J.Crew skirt (similar) that I wore with my patterned shirt tucked in, and a black pinafore suedette from Debenhams that I layered over my plaid shirt.

I’m really happy with my ability to make a few outfits out of only a few pieces and still manage to feel good about my pairings.

I also brought plenty of makeup which took up lots of room in my bag, a few pairs of socks, a pair of tights and all my winter outerwear.

Do you find it hard to pack for short weekend trips? What are your tricks for keeping things light?