What to Wear in Southern Europe in Winter

Winter is a magical season in Europe.

From Christmas markets to snow-covered mountains to beautifully lit cobblestone streets, there’s so much to see and experience throughout Europe in wintertime. And, with smaller crowds and cheaper prices, it’s the ideal time to visit.

While choosing to visit Europe in winter is a no brainer, packing for the trip can be challenge. Depending on where you visit, you’ll be dealing with a variety of weather conditions and temperatures: travel by the coast and you’ll experience warmer temperatures than if you stay inland; visit the mountains and you’ll most definitely need to prepare for colder temperatures than if you decide to island hop around Greece.

Regardless of where you travel, if you follow this guide you’ll be guaranteed to look great, stay warm and have an amazing time while exploring southern Europe in winter.


Classic wool coats are the perfect option for southern Europe. In most places, you won’t need the extreme warmth of a parka or puffer coat, but you’ll need more than a windbreaker or denim jacket.

Instead, opt for wool as it’s the perfect material to keep you warm, but not too hot, and will protect you from the elements, be it wind, rain or whatever Mother Nature throws your way.

Additionally, wool coats, like the classic pea coat or popular belted trench styles, can be dressed up or down. You’ll feel perfectly placed at the ballet, in a pub, or wherever your plans take you.

Dresses & Tights

In many of the Europe’s most southern countries, like Spain and Portugal, it’s perfectly reasonable to rock a dress with a pair of thick tights in winter. The temperatures in this part of Europe rarely dip below 0, if it even gets close, so you won’t need to worry about frostbite if you choose to wear your LBD in mid-February.


If dresses aren’t your travel style, opt for a pair of dark, indigo or black jeans. Not only are these trousers insanely versatile (I dare you to find something they clash with) but the fabric is thick enough to keep you warm and protect your from the wind.

Dress them up or down and you can seriously go anywhere in Europe.

Light Weight Sweaters/Cardigans

Layers are your best friend when traveling in winter as they’ll help you stay warm without overheating. Opt for lightweight sweaters or cardigans that you can throw over a t-shirt for added warmth, and wear under a coat without adding too much bulk.


Pack a mix of long and shirt sleeved t-shirts in versatile neutrals (think black, white, stripes) and you’ll be ready for any occasion, activity or weather event. Pair a classic white t-shirt with a pair of jeans and a sweater for a casual chic look, or top your A-line skirt with a t and a cardi to look super cute while you browse the streets of Europe. Seriously, wherever your travels take you this winter, be sure to take a t-shirt or two with you.


Stay warm and dry as you roam the streets of Europe this winter by slipping your feet into perfectly comfortably and chic boots. Chelsea or ankle boots are particularly popular during this season as they let you easily navigate the cobblestones but also pair excellently with any ensemble. You’ll feel just as chic wearing a pair with your jeans as you will with you dresses.


Top off your look with a cute scarf, cap and mitts combo. Not only will these accessories add a bit of spice and contrast to your look, but they will go a long way in keeping you warm if the temperatures dip or the wind picks up.

No matter where you travel in Europe this winter, by remembering to layer and prepare, you’ll guarantee an amazing trip.

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What to wear in Southern Europe in Winter


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