What to Wear On An Overnight Flight for Comfort AND Style

Tomorrow night Luke and I are hopping a flight to the UK. We leave JFK at 10pm and land in Manchester at 9:30am.

It’s a short-ish flight, just under 7 hours. That means I have less than 7 hours to eat my in-flight meal and get a real night’s sleep. It also means I have to wake up and look ready for the day in the UK. The stress.

Here’s what I’m thinking.


What to wear on an overnight flight

Flying in comfort is all about layers. T-shirts layered with cardis, layered with jackets and scarves that act as blankets. I love being all warm and fuzzy when I settle in to sleep en-flight, but I inevitably wake up absolutely dying of heat and need to shed some pieces.

I once wore a dress on an overnight bus thinking I wanted to look cute once we got there in the morning and I regretted it for the entire trip. SO uncomfortable and by the time we got there I was so sleep deprived I may as well have been wearing sweatpants.

What to wear on an overnight flight

These skinny jeans are comfy, but cute. I can easily cozy up in my chair in them and I don’t have to worry about wrinkling. I’m just not a leggings kid. It’s never going to happen. I’m sorry, they’re just not pants.

Paired with my fave blue t-shirt from Bangkok, a black cardi from J.Crew and a coat (because it’s heavy and I am not wasting valuable space in my luggage and OMG it’s almost winter in the UK), I’m ready to get on the plane.

As for footwear, it’s gotta be something easy to slip off and slide back on. Not only for security, but for once you’re on the plane. There’s nothing that says ready to sleep than getting those shoes off and sticking your feet under that complimentary blanket.

What to wear on an overnight flight


I’m planning on going to the airport with a clean face – no makeup (not pictured, obviously, didn’t want to scare the young readers) so that I don’t have to bring any other moisturizers or cleansers in my carry-on (it’s pretty full of heavy electronics already). When I land, I’ll slop on my foundation, mascara and lipstick (the holy trinity, obvs) and, hopefully, look like I’ve had a full night’s sleep.

I’m also wrapping a big ole scarf around my bag handles so that I have an extra pillow/blanket/thing to wrap around my face to keep the light out.

Need some other advice on how to survive a long haul flight? Check out the Savvy Globetrotter’s guide!

There you have it. What do you wear on overnight flights?

Laura Bronner


  1. This advice is all perfect! I couldn’t agree with it more. (Especially the leggings part…agreed, they’re just not pants. Haha.) I’m one of the those people who brings their travel pillow with them too (or else my head is moving entirely too much, haha).

    • Haha! I’m glad we’re on the same page with the leggings! I have an inflatable pillow that I have a love/hate relationship with – hopefully we’re friends tomorrow night!

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