Where to Shop in Sheffield City Centre

There are so many great places to shop in Sheffield. Whether you’re looking for high street shops like H&M and Topshop, or you’d prefer something a bit more individual, I’ve found it all in my new favorite English city.


Fargate is the pedestrian street in Sheffield where you’ll find Topshop, H&M, and Lush. I like wandering through the laneways off of Fargate for funky cafes and smaller boutique shops. It’s where you’ll find your Starbucks fix and Paperchase for those cute last minute cards. I love that there’s always street vendors selling sausages or baked potatoes. Over Christmas this was where the Sheffield Christmas Market was held.

where to shop in Sheffield

Devonshire Quarter

The Devonshire quarter isn’t just my favorite place to shop in Sheffield, it’s my favorite place period. It’s full of individual shops like Vulgar Vintage and Moonko, which has some beautiful delicate jewelry that I adore. I love searching for great pieces in We are Cow. I love all the small pubs like the Great Gatsby, The Old House and The Frog and Parrot.

There’s a lovely used bookshop that I could spend hours in. There’s music shops and homeware stores that have unique pieces you won’t find anywhere else. It’s a part of town Luke and I always gravitate towards when we come into the city.

where to shop in sheffield

shop in sheffield

The Moor

The other pedestrian only street in Sheffield is the market area of the Moor. I love Sheffield’s market. If I lived close enough to the city I would do my shopping there all the time. All the butchers have top quality meat, there are fish mongers and green grocers. It’s food the way it should be. It’s where I’ve tasted all the local delights – pork pies, savory duck, and haslet

There’s also a great beer shop in there, Beer Central, which sells local beers from around Sheffield and Yorkshire. We’ve picked up some great beers there that we haven’t seen elsewhere.

The Moor also has Debenhams and Atkinsons Department Stores and plenty of Greggs to fuel yourself while you keep shopping.

british ale

There are plenty of shopping malls in the suburbs. Meadowhall is always popular with free parking and every store you could imagine. There’s Crystal Peaks Shopping Centre a bit further out of town. That too has all you need with convenient parking. But none of these places have the character and the individuality that Sheffield City Center has. Now go out and get shopping local.

Where do you like to shop in Sheffield? What great local places have I missed?

Laura Bronner


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